PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

Rule Check (MRC)

It is possible to select whether to execute a check when executing Run MRC.
This is linked to the dialog that appears when executing Run MRC, and the set values are inherited.

For more details about opening the DRC/MRC Settings screen, refer to About DRC/MRC Settings.

Item Name Content


It is possible to select whether to execute an MRC check. By placing a check here, an MRC is executed only for items that are checked.

Error Type

It is possible to select either "Error" or "Warning" as the Error Type when executing Run MRC.

Check Contents

Check Contents are described.



About Types and Check Contents


Type Check Contents Mark Description


Clearance rule.

Error Check Type: Clearance Violation

An error is detected when the value set in "Clearance" is not maintained.

Measured Value: Clearance Violation
Setting Value: Clearance MRC

Component Clearance

Assembly area clearance rule.

Error Check Type: Component Clearance Violation

An error is detected when the value set in "Component Clearance" is not maintained.
Check the component where the error occurred, and place the components farther apart than the value set for Clearance.

* For Assembly Area, when an Assembly Area exists in the Assembly layer, the Assembly Area is the target.
When it does not exist, Silk and Pad outlines (same shape as Assembly Area) are targets.
(To confirm the Assembly Area, enable "Specify Assembly Area" for Components to display the Assembly Area in the Assembly layer.)

Measured Value: Violation Clearance
Setting Value: Clearance MRC

Show Reference

All references are visible.

Error Check Type: Reference Visibility Violation

An error is detected when the Reference for all components and footprints in the design drawing are not displayed.
Display References.

Reference Placement Angle

Reference placement angle.

Error Check Type: Reference Angle Violation

An error is detected when placement is made at an angle other than the Allowed Placement Angle in "Reference Placement Angle".
Check the Reference Angle, and place it at a permitted angle.

Measured Value: Reference Angle
Setting Value: Placement Angle MRC

Solder Resist/Paste

The existence of solder resist and paste.


Error Check Type: No Existence of Solder Resist, No Existence of Paste

An error is detected when there is no Solder Resist on the Pad/Via, and when there is no paste on the SMD Pad.
Check the Pad/Via, and set the Solder Resist and Paste, or add it to excluded components.

Pad on Via

Via on SMD.

Error Check Type: Pad on Via Rule Violation

An error is detected when Vias on a Pad overlap.
Place the Vias on the Pad so that they do not overlap, or add it to excluded components.


Item Name Content

Check Clearance of Displayed Objects only

Only the currently displayed area is the target for MRC check.

Maximum Number of Errors

The maximum number of detected errors can be set for when executing Run MRC.
When there are many error items and Run MRC takes a long time, etc., setting a limit makes it easier to confirm.
* Keep in mind that errors over the maximum will not be shown when Run MRC is executed.