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Add New Section/All Section

Add New Section can be used to classify users into sections like departments of a company.
You can view added sections in the 'All Section' page.  
It is not necessary to register if you do not need to classify them by department, etc..
User Registration for the team will do.

・Add New Section
・All Sections

How to Add New Section
How to add new section
(1) 【User】→【Add New Section
(2) Enter the section name and select parent, and then click 'Submit' button.
(3) The section is added and 'The new section is added' message will appear.


 View All Sections
You can check, edit or delete all the sections.
(1) Click 【User】→【All Sections】

You can check the section lists. By clicking 'Detail' button, you can edit/delete user information.
*Some menus cannot be allowed without permission. 

The next step is to register users in the same team.