"I can't afford to buy it." "It's difficult because of too many features." "It takes a lot of time to learn it."

Quadcept will eliminate various challenges like these!

We offer the highly-functional CAD system,
"Quadcept" that achieved 32,000 downloads mainly among companies and academic laboratories for students and hobbyists for free of charge.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the Quadcept's consistent service from design to manufacturing.

Comparison chart

Software Edition Community Professional
Type Non-Commercial Commercial
Price Free Charge
Target Student, Hobbyist Companies, Individual
Product Circuit Designer
PCB Designer
Circuit Designer
PCB Designer
CAD Import (Converter)
OS Windows Vista/7/8/10 Windows Vista/7/8/10
Authentication Method Online Online / Offline
Switch Authentication (Online to Offline) x o
Functional Restriction o -
Limitation 1,000 pads -
Useable Board Area (Maximum Outline Size) No Limit No Limit
Useable Layers 4 Layers No Limit
Customizable Menu o o
Free Component Library with 250,000 Parts o o
User Management o o
Changing Save Location of Design Data x o
Printing with Watermark o x
Support Online Manual
Online Manual
Forum (Priority Support)
Accommodation Email Desk

Community Version( Free )

Community Version is suitable for Student and Makers!

Only for non-commercial use, with limited functions.

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