Schematic editor company A Quadcept company B
Initial Cost USD 23040 0 USD 1347
Annual Cost USD 617 0 USD 385
Monthly Cost TBC USD40/Monthly Fee USD 48
On-Demand Upgrade TBC
Japanese SW(soft)
Japanese Docs(manual)
Free Components
OS Windows7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows XP
CAD Import - EDIF200対応
Net list Comparison & Convert NET CHANGER
Ribbon Toolbar - -
Custom Shortcut -
Original Drawing Frame
Stroke Features
Draw Priority Setting
Ref name pre-emptive update
Choice of ref name update
RegExp in Search
Short-note Function
Part auto-cost calculator
Colour Settings
Circuit Layer Function
Document / Project file integration
Display colour per connection ▲(By Segment)
Unicode Filename Support
Asian Language Input
Filter Features
Part Inversion
Part Rotation
Part Gating
Part Alernation
User Attribute Display Change
PIN editing on diagram ▲(PIN list available)
Component editing on diagram
Component resize on diagram
Angle change of wiring and switch ▲(45°,90°)
Auto-wiring for added part
Automatic connection between 2 points
Parallel Bus Auto-Connection
Automatic Termination Pin Superimposition
Automatic Termination Collision Detection
One-Point Grounding
Wiring traching of moving parts
Labael auto-incrementation
Automatic addressing and page addition
Shape Splitting
Shape Fill
BOM Component Table Customisation ▲(Option)
Circuit Diagram Validation
Design Rule Checking
DXF Input and Output
Bulk Batch Printing
PDM Integration ▲(Option)
DB Integration
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