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Usage Policy

Commercial use
Who is eligible? Companies, Educational institutions, Sole proprietors


Online Manual
Accommodation Email Desk
Supported languages Japanese / English


OS Windows7/8.1/10
Supported languages Japanese / English / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional)
Free component library [Share]
250,000 Components
User / License authentication Online / Offline
Maximum number of layers Up to 4 Layers
Maximum number of pads Up to 1,000 pads
Maximum number of components No Limit
Maximum number of nets No Limit
Storage space settings Local Only
Auto backup
Undo / Redo
Ribbon menu customization
Tool bar customization
Shortcut menu customization
Stroke menu
Stroke menu customization
Filled display (All Objects)
Outline display (All Objects)
Displaying GRID / GUID
Displaying Drill
Displaying thermal shapes in inner layers
Drawing net name on pins
Drawing pin number on pins

Net Information

Color setting for each net
Color output on net basis
Route width setting for each net
Route layer setting for each net
Via setting for each net
Showing / Hiding objects on net basis
Adding / Deleting net on design sheet

Component Placement

Placement by coordinate input
Minimum rotation angle 0.00001 degree
Relative move
Rotational move
Component position fixing
Component alignment
IPC-compliant footprint wizard
Automatic creation of test lands


45-degree routing
90-degree routing
Snapping routes to objects
Free angle routing
Changing line width
Route smoothing
Tear drop generation
Single point ground
Pin swap
Parallel routing
Impedance calculation
Differential pair routing
Route lengths tuning
Route lengths settings
Isometric routing


Automatic plane creation
Plane including arc creation
Plane cut
Plane shape editing
Planes merging
Plane splitting
Line offset
Objects alignment
Image inserting
Board outline dimension automatic creation
Board slit creation

Design Check

Design rule check
Design instruction
Balloon display on design instruction
Online DRC
Clearance display / check
Keep out area creation
DRC for inner layers
Netclass DRC
Design rule areas
Keep out area automatic creation

Import / Export

Gerber export
Gerber Viewer
Drill data export
BOM export in CSV format
Cross probing
ODB++ export
DXF import/export
DSN export
Netlist export
Batch output
3D file export (STEP/IDF)
Comparing old and new design data
Link with PollEx
CR-5000 BD Converter

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