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Online Manual
Supported languages Japanese / English


OS Windows7 / 8.1 / 10
Supported languages Japanese / English / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional)
Free component library [Share]
250,000 Components
User / License authentication Online Only
Storage space settings Local Only
Auto backup
Undo / Redo
Stroke menu
Stroke menu customization
Ribbon menu customization
Tool bar customization
Shortcut menu customization
Drawing frame creation
Auto calculation of total component cost

Component Placement

Mirroring components
Rotating components
Gate symbols
Alternate symbols
Component search
Showing / Hiding user-defined attributes
Color settings
Moving / Editing pins on schematic
Editing component on schematic
Changing component size on schematic
Reference renumbering
Reference renumbering (Specified reference only)
Device block


Auto wiring
Parallel wiring
Changing / switching wire angles
Component insertion into wire
Pin to pin direct connection
Moving components without loosing wire connection
Color settings for each net
Single point ground
Auto increment of label
Auto port address map creation


Splitting shapes
Filling polygons
Memo tool
Memo tool(Tasks / Knowledge)
Layer settings

Design Check

Electrical rule check (ERC)
Design instructions for PCB
Cross probing
Design rule check (DRC)

Import / Export

BOM export (Customizable)
Component link with Digikey / Chip1Stop / RS
Digi-Key BOM
DXF import / export
EDIF200 import (For data conversion)
Batch output
Comparing old and new design data

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