Make Ideas Real

The cloud EDA, "Quadcept" is a high-performance electronic CAD system.
It has been used in various fields from companies and educational institutions down to sole proprietors. We have prepared "Quadcept Community" which is available for free of charge in order to support users who are full of ideas and passion for design and manufacturing.
Quadcept is here to make your ideas happen.

《 Who is eligible ? 》
Students, Hobbyists etc.
This edition is available only for non-commercial purposes such as study and hobby.


Circuit Designer

  • Symbol editor

  • Part placement/wiring

  • Design Instructions, Memo etc.

  • ERC

  • Annotation

  • Netlist export

  • BOM export

  • DXF file import/export

  • Printing*

PCB Designer

  • Footprint editor

  • Board outline creation

  • Netlist import/export

  • Part placement/routing

  • Ruler, Dimentions, Trimming etc.

  • DRC

  • Gerber/Drill file export

  • BOM export

  • DXF file import/export

  • Printing*


* A Quadcept logo will be printed on your document.


System Requirements

OS (32-bit / 64-bit)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10(1507~2004)
Windows 11
Intel® Core™ i5 processor or equivalent
8GB or more recommended(Up to 1GB is used in 32-bit Quadcept)
HDD/SDD 10GB or more free disk space(SSD recommended for high density multilayer printed circuit board layout)
Display Resolution
1280×800 or more
NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 series 256MB (or more) graphics card or equivalent
.NET Framework
.NET Framework 4.8(Windows 10 is supported as standard)
Web browser
Windows Microsoft Edge(latest version)
Google Chrome(latest version)
Microsoft Excel (required for BOM)
Internet Connection
License authentication


We offer extensive support content including online manuals and movies explaining how to operate the application for free of charge.

On top of that, Forum is where you can communicate with Quadcept users all over the world. You can post any questions and get answers immediately.

Quadcept Community