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Circuit Designer

Schematic design tool Circuit Designer is a robust tool for circuit designers that helps with various design stages. Circuit Designer offers features such as Auto & Parallel Wiring that accelerates the design process and Device Block that allows you to use existing data efficiently. It also includes ERC and DRC as well as means to effectively communicate with PCB layout engineers.

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PCB Designer

PCB Designer has many features that allow speedy and accurate layout. You can customize Design Rule check for specific nets. PCB Designer also includes MRC (Manufacturing Rule Check) and SI simulation.

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Part Link

All the 250K components are linked with Mouser, Digi-Key, Chip1Stop and RS Components.It enables you to look up datasheets immediately whenever you want during design. More information such as stock information and prices from the distributors are also referable at any time. Those information helps you to select components, and even more, you can import useful information to your libraries.

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