Before using

Starting Up Quadcept

The following will explain how to start up Quadcept.

Starting up Quadcept
This section will explain how to start up Quadcept.
Both Community and Professional versions can be started up by the same operations.
(1) Quadcept shortcut will be created on the desktop after installation. Double click the shortcut.
=>The Quadcept login window will appear.
(2) Enter your user ID (or email address) and password.
(3) Click "Sign in".
The splash window will appear.

Welcome to the world of Quadcept!

You can now use Quadcept.


Data Migration from Quadcept Community to Quadcept Professional

The data created in Community version will be automatically migrated to Professional version when starting up that version.
You can use all the data that you have ever created without wasting it.
Note that you will not be capable of accessing the data in Community version any more after migration.

In order to avoid accidental troubles when migrating data, we recommend that you back up the data before purchasing a license just in case.
For details about how to make a backup, see here.

In addition, you can back up only the data you need by exporting it as Quadcept files(.qcom).
For details about how to export Quadcept files, refer to here.