Quadcept : Screen Layout

Component Window

This is the window for managing and placing components. It is possible to easily find the component that you want to use from the many managed components.
From this window, you can find components for placing, and configure default settings for References and Values.

* By default, this is docked on the top-right of the screen.

Component Window Icon 
<What you can do>
- Search for, Place, and Edit Components (Symbols, and Footprints)
- Confirm, Manage, and Rename Components (Symbols, and Footprints)


Component Window Details


Select a type for referencing.





IPC Footprint


You can use share (Component Shared Library) ("Symbols", Components", "Footprints", etc.) stored in the Cloud Server managed by Quadcept.



Execute a component (symbols and footprints)Search.

When a search is executed and extraction is performed, the search frame becomes yellow as shown below.
In this case, keep in mind that the items are in extraction (filter) status.

Click the icon to clear.


Select a directory.

(When "Include Subdirectories" is checked, the contents of the directory below the selected folder will also be referenced.)


A list of components (symbols and footprints) in the directory is shown.

Item Description

Top left red mark

This is the mark displayed for "Symbol Undefined" components.

Bottom left green mark

This is the mark displayed for "Footprint Undefined" components.

This is the Favorites mark. You can add this mark to your favorite components that you use often.


Searching for Components (Symbols and Footprints)
It is possible to confirm, search for, edit, and place components.
By double-clicking, objects that can be placed for the active document will automatically be in "Place" mode.
For object that cannot be placed, the Edit screen will open.
  You can select the type of object that you want to confirm.
  It is possible to execute a search using attributes, components names, etc.


Editing Components (Symbols and Footprints)
  Click "Edit".
  The Edit screen will open.


Placing Components (Symbols and Footprints)
  When the active document can be placed, direct placement is possible.


About Operations Using the Component Window
Select an operation target, and then execute it from the Right Click Menu.
  Select an operation target and execute it from the Right Click Menu.

Convenient Shortcuts for the Component Window

When the Component Window has focus, you can use shortcuts to move the focus.

  Shortcut Content
1 Alt+S Moves focus to Object Type
2 Ctrl+F, Alt+D Moves focus to the Search Input BOX
3 Alt+F Moves focus to the Directory (share Filter)
4 Alt+G Moves focus to first search result