PCB Layout CAD : Create Plane

Placing Vias (Placing Reinforcement Vias)

There is a method for connecting using multiple Vias for a stable GND Level.
With Quadcept, for such reinforcement Vias, it becomes a reinforcement Via by placing a Via on a plane.

Placing Vias
The following will explain how to place a Via on a plane.
(1) Select [Draw]
=> [Via].
(2) Select the Via and Net Name that you want to place, and then click "OK".
Click "OK".

* When there is another Net plane, keep in mind that an error will occur by "Online DRC: Enabled".
  Click to place on the plane.

There is also a function for Place Via in the Center of the Circle. This is convenient when the position for Place Via is determined by DXF, etc.