Quadcept : Share (Component Shared Library)

About share (Shared Component Library)

This is a shared component library service provided by Quadcept.

If you can access to the internet, you can freely use "Symbols", "Components", and "Footprints" from share (Shared Component Library) saved in the Cloud Server managed by Quadcept anytime and anywhere, and you can save them to an arbitrary database.

- share (Shared Component Library) can be opened.
- Objects can be placed from share (Shared Component Library).
- It is not possible to save to share (Shared Component Library) or perform Create New.
- It is possible to save share (Share Component Library) data to an Arbitrary Database such as local.
* Saved data is saved with the same ID as share (Share Component Library), and for updating components and annotations, confirm the inside of the arbitrary database first, and if there is no relevant data, confirm share (Shared Component Library).

Quadcept data that Can Be Acquired from share (Shared Component Library)

The following Quadcept data can be acquired from share (Shared Component Library).

- Symbols
- Components
- Footprints