Quadcept : Before Starting

Sample Files

Quadcept includes sample files.

Samples include Project Files (Circuits and PCBs) Symbols, Components, and Footprints.
All are stored in the "Samples" directory.

For more details about how to open sample projects, refer to Opening Sample Projects.

Schematic PCB


Schematic PCB


Opening Sample Projects
The following will explain how to open a sample project.
(1) From the Project Window, click "Open"
=> The "Open" screen will appear.
(2) In the Directory, click "Samples
(3) Select a Project File
(4) Click "OK"
  The sample project will be shown in the Project Window.
(5) Select the document that you want to open, and double click
(6) The document will be shown in the document area and you can confirm the contents.