PCB Layout CAD : Display Options

Toggling Outline View (All Objects)

When designing a PCB, it is possible to toggle all objects from Fill Display to Show Outline.

Normal Display Outline View (All Objects)


Toggling Outline View (All Objects)
It is possible to toggle the display of all objects on the Environment Settings dialog.
For more details about how to display the setting screen for Environment Settings, refer to About Environment Settings.
(1) Check / Uncheck the checkbox of "Show Outline (all objects)" in the "Draw(PCB)" screen.

"Show Outline (all objects)" can also be performed by "Shift + K" keys on a keyboard or Displaying and Toggling Function Icons.

When Plane is set to Outline View (All Objects), it becomes Line Outline View.
For whole plane Outline View, execute Toggle Outline View (Plane).

Normal Display Outline View (All Objects) Outline View (Plane)