PCB Layout CAD : Design Preparation

Layer Settings

Before proceeding with PCB design, first configure Board Layer Settings for the design that you are making this time.
With Layer Settings, set the number of physical board layers, add Customize layers, layer color, and Display Layer Settings etc.

Number of Board Layers

For single-surface boards and double-surface boards, there are two layers; the Top Layer and Bottom Layer.
When there is a conductor layer inside of the board in addition to the surface layer, add an inner layer.

Layer Settings
Layer Settings can be configured from "Layer" in PCB Settings.
(1) Open a PCB Document,
Select [Settings]
=> [Settings].
  The Layer Settings screen will open.
For more details about this screen, refer to "Layer" in PCB Setting.


The following will explain about "2-Layer Boards" and "4-Layer Boards".

2-Layer Boards

Delete Physical Layers and leave the "Top" and "Bottom" layers

4-Layer Boards

Add Physical Layers so that there are four layers; "Top", "Layer2", "Layer3", and "Bottom


Adding Customize Layers

Next, configure Customize Layer settings.
Customize layers can be added for each Physical Layer (Top, Inner, and Bottom) and Other layers (Whole).
Add arbitrary necessary layers such as Dimensions, Alignment Marks, Comments, and V Cut Instructions.

Adding Customize Layers and Layer Settings
  Open the "Layer Settings" tab.


Addition Example

Arbitrary layers such as for "Design Reference Line" and "Alignment Marks" are added.


Configure Layer Color Settings

Next, configure Color settings.
By clicking on a color, you can select a color from the color palette. You can select any color you want.
For more details about this screen, refer to "Layer" in PCB Setting.

Changing the Color

Click "Color" to open the Color Palette, and then select a color.

Configure Display Layer Settings

Next, "Display Layer Settings" will be explained.
With "Display Layer Settings", it is possible to register the layers that will be displayed on the PCB design screen using the Batch List of the "Display List".
This setting can be called from the "Read Display Layer Settings (Batch List)" box of the "Layer" window while designing a PCB.

Display Layer Settings
  Open the "Display Layer Settings" tab, add "Show List" as needed, and configure the setting for the Display Settings layer.


* For the set Display List, you can toggle display from the Status Bar or from the "Layer Window" while designing.

By pressing the "Present Layer Display" button, the current layer display status on the PCB screen can be imported to the settings.