PCB Layout CAD : Placing Components

Replace Footprint

Replace Footprint is a function for replacing component and footprint shapes.
You can select either a Footprint or IPC Footprint as the target for after replacement.
Reference Coordinates, Text Size, Contents, and Attributes are maintained.

To replace a component, execute Replace Component.

Replace Footprint
The following will explain how to replace a footprint.
(1) Select the component or footprint that you want to replace.
  * Multiple Selection is also possible.
(2) Right click
Select => [Replace Footprint].
(3) Select a footprint for after replacement.
(4) Click "OK".
(5) When you also want to update all of the same footprints, click "Yes".
When you only want to update the selected footprint, click "No".
  The footprint will be replaced.