Quadcept : Convenient Functions

Output List

The Output List allows you to export a list of objects displayed on each dialog in CSV format or Text format.

Output List
The following explains how to export a list of objects. The list can be output from the Open dialog, Object Window or Library Cache. The example below explains the steps to export a list of components from the Open dialog.
(1) Select [File]
>> [Open]
>> [Component].
(2) Select a location that stores components.
(3) Select "Output List".
(4) Specify a location to save the file.
(5) Enter a file name at "File name".
(6) Select a file type at "Save as type".
* The following types can be selected as a file type.
(7) Select a character code at "Character code".
* The following codes can be selected as a character code.
(8) Click "Save".
(9) Click "OK".
The list of components will be exported to the specified location.