Quadcept : Share (Component Shared Library)

Opening share (Shared Component Library)

?The following will explain how to open share (Shared Component Library).

Opening share (Shared Component Library)
This is used to open Quadcept data saved in share (Shared Component Library).
(1) [File]
=> [Open]
Open an object.
Select and click "Symbol", "Component" or "Footprint".

(2) Select "share" at the top-right of the "Open" dialog.

* For "Component", select from
"Pin Count"

For "Symbol"
and "Footprint",
"Pin Count"
In this way, search targets can be narrowed down.
For more details about searching, refer to About Searching Using share (Shared Component Library).

The dialog can also be called from [Open] in the "Project" Window.