Converting Projects from v9 to v10

Extracting Projects from Quadcept Files(.qcom)

In the version 10, Quadcept projects were isolated from a Quadcept database(.qdb) and became file-based. To use your projects created in the version 9.3.22 or earlier, you will need to save them as project files(.qproj). This page explains how you can extract projects stored in a Quadcept file(.qcom).

Projects created in v7 or earlier cannot be extracted as v10 project files.

Projects will remain in a Quadcept file even after they are extracted as project files.

Extracting Projects from Quadcept Files(.qcom)

Projects stored in a Quadcept file(.qcom) can be extracted as project files(.qproj) when importing it into Quadcept.

Extracting Projects Stored in a Quadcept File
The following explains how to save projects stored in a Quadcept file as project files.
(1) Select [File]
>> [Import]
>> [Quadcept File].
* A window entitled Save as Project File will appear when one or more projects have been found.
(2) Place a check mark next to project(s) you wish to extract.
(3) Specify an export directory at Export Directory.
(4) Click "Save".
(5) A result window will appear.

Check the result list and click "OK" to continue.
* The Save File button allows you to export the result list in CSV format.
* If other objects such as components, symbols and footprints have found in a Quadcept file, a window entitled Import Quadcept File will open. You can import the other objects in the file here if you need.