Schematic Capture : Various Convenient Functions

Change Component Scale

Zoom In/Zoom Out of selected component and symbol shapes on drawings, and change the size.
Regarding the size change method, you can use "Select Value" and "Scaling". Vertical only and Horizontal only changes are also possible.
The size can be changed only for the symbol draw portion. The size of pins and text are not changed.
Wire connections are maintained when the component size is changed.

Zoom In Before Changing Zoom Out


Change Component Scale
The following will explain how to resize a component.
(1) Select the component that you want to resize.
(2) Right click
Click => [Change Component Scale].
(3) Input the change contents.

To Zoom In, click "Zoom In", and to Zoom Out, click "Zoom Out".

  The size of the component will be changed.

When you select multiple components, you can execute Change Size for all items.