Before using

About This Manual

Thank you for using Quadcept.
We will introduce how to use the Quadcept tutorial manual.

The tutorial introduces detailed operating instructions and descriptions of the overall flow.
You can also check out related functions by clicking links or on video provided.

Tutorial manual was written in accordance with the following rules.

About the Symbols used

This tutorial guide uses the following style conventions and terminology.

Symbols used in the tutorial manual

Notation meaning
=> used when changing the mode within Quadcept.
-> used when indicating the next operation
[ABC] drawing your attention to a menu item
"abc" drawing your attention to an interface
**mode used to highlight the placement mode used

Icons used in this tutorial manual

ICON meaning
Hint: Shows useful how-to information

About Item

This tutorial's various manual component items: Introduction

Dark-grey box is used to show multiple items or to show procedures in advance.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Actual procedure is described on the left, and on the right is the actual image.
You can get started with Quadcept by following each numbered procedure on the actual screen.

(Example) Screenshot of operations.

Property Display Settings
You can set Property Display Settings in real-time during design:
(1) [Settings]->[Environment Settings] click
(2) Click "Property Display Settings"    
(3) Set Property Display Settings
(4) Click on "OK"