PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions

Creating Attribute Text

The Attribute command is used to create an attribute text to a specified component on a PCB sheet. This allows you to place multiple attribute texts including references for each component on your design.

This allows you to copy existing component attributes and place multiple attribute texts for each component on a PCB document. This is useful when you wish to additionally create references to generate an assembly drawing file.

Before Creating Attribute Text After Creating Attribute Text

Create Attribute Text Dialog

Setting Items


Specify the components to create an attribute text to from the following options: Selected Components, Top Components, Bottom Components and All Components.


Specify an attribute to create. The attributes that are set to the components placed on a PCB sheet are displayed in the pull-down list.


Specify a layer and layer type to place a created attribute text on.

Text Settings

This region allows you to configure the following text settings for attribute texts.

・Line Width
・Size (W/H)
・Whether to place at component angle
・Angle (Settable when Place at Component Angle is disabled)


This region allows you to configure a variety of options for attribute texts.

・Location to Place
Specify which position of a component you place the attribute text on. The position can be selected from Center, Origin, Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

・Action if same attribute exist on specified layer
 - Create and replace:
  Deletes the existing attribute text placed on the specified layer and create a new one.
 - Create and keep both:
  Adds a new attribute text without deleting the original one placed on the specified layer.
 - Do not create:
  Does not create any attribute.


Creating an Attribute Text
The following explains how to create an attribute text to selected component(s) on a PCB sheet.
(1) Select [Draw]
>> [Attribute].
(2) The dialog entitled "Create Attribute Text" will appear.

Configure the settings and then click "Create".
* For details on the settings, see here.
(3) The attribute texts will be created based on the settings.

The attribute texts (Reference) created in the components can be deleted by enabling the Enable Component Editing option.