Before using

Licence Authentication Method

There are 2 types of activation (licensing): Stand-Alone and Network.
You can use Quadcept offline by switching from Network to Stand-Alone licensing.

Licence Type

Network Authentication (online)  *general use

Standalone Authentication (offline)

While Quadcept is being activated, license is obtained and authenticated through Quadcep license server.

By importing a license file on your PC in advance, the license is authenticated offline.  You can use Quadcept without any internet connection: while travelling, at business meetings, hotels or on a train.



i. You don't have to worry about license updates as the license status is checked automatically. 

ii. License will be released automatically when Quadcept is not used so other users can use the license; license can be used effectively. 

Cautionary Notes.

i. A user can obtain only one license.

ii. License expiration date is the same as network license expiration date.

iii. License might be lost if you uninstall Quadcept or perform OS recovery before switching to Network authentication. (A warning message will be shown when uninstalling Quadcept.)

iv. Expiration date of license will be given at the time of switching to standalone authentication. To update the license expiration date to the latest one, please refer to “How to Update License”