Quadcept : Screen Layout

Layer Window

This is the window for managing layers and performing Toggle Display.
When the currently active document is a schematic, Toggle Display is executed for the comment layer,
and when it is a PCB, display and lock are toggled for each layer.

* By default, this is docked on the top-right of the screen.

Layer Window Icon 
<What you can do>
- Toggle Display of Layers ON/OFF
- Change Layer Colors and Lock (PCBs only)
- Read Display Layer Settings (PCBs only)
-Current Layer Only (PCBs only)


Layer Window for a Schematic Layer Window for a PCB


Layer Window Icon To change the Layer Settings, click the "Settings" button at the bottom of the screen.


Toggling Display of Layers ON/OFF
When the Eye icon is displayed, it is in the Show status, and when it is hidden, the layer is in the Hide status.
It is possible to toggle by clicking or dragging.
  Drag the Eye icon of the Layer Window.
  The layer where the Eye icon is hidden will be hidden.


Changing the Fill Style and the Layer Color, and Locking (PCBs only)
It is possible to change the fill style of the PCB layer, change the layer color, and to change the layer lock status.
Lock means that the objects on the layer cannot be selected or moved.
  Click the Fill Style area.
  The Fill Style list will be displayed, and you can change the style.
  Click the Color area.
  The Color Palette will be displayed, and you can change the color.
  As with the Eye icon, the lock status can be toggled by clicking or dragging.

For more details about batch toggling the Eye icon and Lock icon, refer to Batch Toggling ON/OFF.


Reading Display Layer Settings (PCBs only)
Using the Display Layer Settings, you can easily toggle display of the PCB drawing that is being designed.
(1) From the Layer Window, select the Gerber Batch List.
  Display will be toggled.
  * Items can be configured according the Display Layer Settings.


Current Layer Only (PCBs only)
The following will explain how to display only a current layer.
(1) Check the checkbox of "Current Layer Only".
Only a current layer will be displayed.

"Current Layer Only" will change the visibility of physical layers. "Other" and "System" layers maintain their current display status.