PCB Layout CAD : AutoRoute

Interfacing to other Autorouting Tools

Quadcept offers an export capability for DSN format design files and an import capability for RTE format design files. With these abilities, you can interface to other autorouting tools to autoroute your board.

To interface to other autorouting tools:

1.Place your components on the PCB sheet in Quadcept, and export it in DSN format.
2.Import the DSN file into an autorouter.
3.Run the autorouter.
4.Export a RTE file from the autorouter.
5.Import the RTE file into the existing PCB design in Quadcept.

Interfacing to Other Autorouting Tools
The instructions that follow explain how to import/export each of DXF and RTE format design files to autoroute your board using other autorouting tools.
(1) After placing your components, select the [File]
>> [Export]
>> [DSN] command.
(2) Enter the file name, and click the "Save" button.
(3) Click the "OK" button.
  Import the generated DSN file into an autorouting tool, and run the autorouter.
  Export a RTE file form the autorouter.
(4) Select the [File]
>> [Import]
>> [RTE] command.
(5) Select the RTE file, and click the "OK" button.
(6) Click the "OK" button.
  The traces are imported into your PCB layout.