PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions


Filters allow you to configure settings to make it possible or impossible to select various Objects (Components, Footprints, Lines, Rectangles, Routes, Planes, and others).
Editing and moving of objects for which a filter is OFF is restricted, so configure settings according to your work situation.
The filter ON/OFF status can be saved/read using Filter List. Use frequently used filter combinations by toggling.


  No Filter, Select All Component Filter ON, Select All

Filter Screen

Select All

It is convenient to toggle all filter checks ON/OFF using ON/OFF Toggle All.
You can also toggle using the "Space" shortcut.

The necessary filters are automatically set for each filter ("Move", "Route", etc.). In addition, the filter setting is memorized for each mode.

Even when the filter is all off, the search and selection of objects by a search feature or "Object Window" are possible.

Description of the Filter Screen

  Item Content Shortcut


Enable Filter

Toggles Enable Filter ON/OFF. Filter is enabled only when a check is placed.

Shift + F


All ON

Places a check for all items.




Removes the check for all items.



Filter List

Displays a list of registered filters.



Registered Filters

It is possible to configure custom filter item settings according to the user.
Filters can be toggled by "F" + "Number".
For example, to toggle to "All Items" at the top, input "F" and "1" on the keyboard.

0 to 9


Using Filters
The following will explain the usage method for when changing the thickness of all wires.
(1) Select [Edit]
=> [Filter].

* Or, press the Shortcut Key "F
=> The "Filter" window will be displayed.
(2) Place a check next to "Enable Filter" and "Route".
(3) Select [Edit]
=> [Select All].
  Confirm that the layer where only routes are selected is "Bottom".
(4) Change the Layer to "Top" and press the Enter key.
(5) Route Layers are changed to "Top" as a batch.

Toggle Enable Filter ON/OFF by right clicking and selecting [Toggle Filter ON].

Filter List

It is possible to save and toggle filter ON/OFF combinations.
Some have already been prepared in advance, but you can save your own favorite combinations.

The following will explain how to use the Filter List.

Add current filter to the list
Edit Filter List (Add/Delete/Edit Name)
Toggle filters


Add current filter to the list
The following will explain how to save currently set filter settings, and how to add them to the Filter List.
(1) Select "Filter List"
=> [Add current filter to the list].
(2) Input a Filter Name, and then click "OK".
  "Cutout" will be added to the Filter List.
  For more details about toggling, refer to Toggling Filters.


Edit Filter List
The following will explain how to edit the Filter List (Edit, Add, Delete, Edit Name).
(1) Select "Filter List
=> [Edit Filter List].
  The "Edit Filter" screen will open.
(2) Select the filter that you want to edit from the Filter List.
(3) Change filters ON/OFF.
(4) Click "OK".


Adding to the Filter List
The following will explain how to add to the Filter List.
(1) Click "Add".
(2) A new filter will be added.
* For more details about editing names, refer to Editing Filter List Names.
(3) Change filters ON/OFF.
(4) Click "OK".


Deleting from the Filter List
The following will explain how to delete from the Filter List.
(1) Select the filter name that you want to delete from the Filter List.
(2) Click "Delete".
  The filter will be deleted.
(3) Click "OK".


Editing Names in the Filter List
The following will explain how to change a filter name.
(1) Select the filter for which you want to change the name from the Filter List.
Right click
=> [Rename].
Or, press the Shortcut Key "F2".
(2) Input a Filter Name.
(3) Click "OK".


Toggle filters
The following will explain how to select a saved filter combination from the Filter List and toggle.
(1) Click "Filter List
=> "Filter Name".
  Enable Filter will be checked and the filters will toggle ON/OFF.