Schematic Capture : Various Convenient Functions


Search is a function for finding objects placed on schematics and PCBs.

Search Targets

- Power Supply Name
- Port Name
- Label Name
- Reference Name
- Component Attribute
- Pin Name

Search Screen

Search Targets
Search Targets Content

Current Screen

Searches the currently active screen.

All Schematic

Searches all schematic sheets in the Project.


Searches all PCB sheets in the Project.


Searches all schematic sheets and PCB sheets in the Project.


Item Content

Distinguish between capital letters and small letters

When this is checked, capital letters and lower-case letters are distinguished when search is performed.

Match whole word only

When this is checked, only the exact matches to the character string in Search for are search targets, and a wildcard search can be performed.
* A wildcard is a special character that indicates an "Arbitrary Character". "*" indicates an arbitrary character of an arbitrary length, and "?" indicates one arbitrary character.

Enable regular expression

When this is checked, search is performed using regular expressions.

Clicking the Next/Previous button in the Search dialog will allow you to find a next/previous object.

The following will explain the method for searching.
(1) Click [Edit]
>> [Search].
* Or, press the shortcut "Ctrl + F".

(2) Set a search text and options, and then click "Search".

  Search Results will be displayed as a list.
(3) Double-click a Search Result to display the relevant item on the screen.
* You can also find a next/previous object by clicking the Next/Previous button in the Search dialog.