PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

About DRC/MRC Settings

In the PCB Settings, you can configure the DRC Settings and MRC Settings for the currently active PCB design file.
By running DRC/MRC, verification results based on the set contents can be displayed in an Error List, which allows you to easily confirm and correct errors.



This stands for Design Rule Check, and verifies whether designed items violate Design Rules such as Route Rules.


This stands for Manufacturing Rule Check, and verifies whether rules related to manufacturing such as Clearance between components and Reference placement angles are violated.


Opening DRC/MRC Settings
The following will explain how to configure DRC/MRC Settings.
To configure DRC/MRC Settings, you first need to open the relevant PCB in the Project.
(1) Open a PCB.
  When a new PCB is created, the PCB will open automatically.
(2) Select [Settings]
=> [DRC/MRC Settings].
  (* The Shortcut Key "Shift + I" is assigned.)
  The "Settings" dialog will open.


In the Settings dialog, each setting is displayed on the left in tree format.
Select the item you want to configure, and change the setting.