PCB Layout CAD : Display Options

Toggle Net Color View

This is a function for toggling the display color for all net objects when designing a PCB.
It is possible to display each object using the Layer Color or using the Net Color.

Display Status The setting status can be confirmed in
Draw (PCB) Settings.

"Display in Layer Color"

Net objects are
displayed using the Layer Color.

"Display in Net Color"

All Net objects are
displayed using the Net Color.


Toggle Net Color View
The following will explain how to toggle net color display status ON/OFF.

The net color view setting can be configured on the Environment Settings dialog.
Refer to About Environment Settings to open the setting dialog.
(1) Check / Uncheck the checkbox of "Display in Net Color" in the "Draw(PCB)" screen.

"Display in Net Color" can also be performed by a "U" key on a keyboard or Displaying and Toggling Function Icons.