Account/License : user

User Registration/All Users

You can register users of the 'team' through User Registration.
Team users can share the license.  (No simultaneous access)

・User Registration
・All Users

How to register users
(1) Click 【User】→【Add New User】

Enter necessary information and click 'Submit' button.
When the administrator's information is not entered, a prompt will appear suggesting to enter it first.

(3) Add new user page is displayed and an invitation email will be sent to the added user.
(4) Added user will receive  the e-mail. 
In the email, click on the activation link to validate your email address and complete the registration. *If it cannot be clicked, then copy the URL and paste it in the browser's address bar. (Copy the complete URL address, no single byte space, etc.)
(5) After successful registration, new account will be created and  the 'team' main page will be displayed.

When the administrator's user information is not sufficient, a prompt will appear suggesting to register it first.


View All Users
You can check, edit or delete users information.
(1) Click 【User】→【All Users】
(2) You can check the user list. By clicking 'Detail' button, you can edit/delete user information.
*Some menus cannot be allowed without permission.

Next, we will show you how to purchase the license.