Schematic Capture : Creating Power Supplies

Creating Power Supplies

With Quadcept, standard pins are available so that they can be use immediately.
It is also possible for users to add and edit shapes freely.
Here, a ground will be created as a power supply creation example.

Completed Power Supply Drawing

Creating Power Supplies
The following is the operation for creating a power supply.

Click [File]
=> [Create New]
=> [Other]
=> [Power Supply].

=> The power supply creation screen will open.

-2 Click [Draw]
=> [Line].

* For more details about the drawing method, refer to About Drawing and Editing.
-3 From the Status Bar, change the SNAP value to "0.635".
-4 Click the Start Point => Double-click the End Point to draw a line.
  To draw a diagonal line, refer to Changing Line Drawing Corner Angles.
-5 Drag Move the Pin Name.
  - The Pin Point initial position is The Origin Point.
- It is also possible to Drag Move a Pin Point.
- Place The shape, Pin No., and Pin Name so that they do not overlap and are easy to see.

To edit an existing power supply, open one by going to the File Menu => [Open] => [Other] => [Power Supply], correct it, and then execute Save or Save As.