Quadcept : Project Functions

Creating a New Project

A project is a file that stores design documents such as schematics and PCBs. Every design created in Quadcept starts with a project file. This page explains how to create a new project file.

Creating a New Project File
The following explains how to create a new project file.
(1) Select [File]
>>[Create New]
* The Create New command can also be executed from Start Page and Project Window.


(2) Enter a project name at Name.
(3) Select design sheet(s) you wish to create at Type.
Creates a schematic sheet.
Creates a PCB sheet.
Creates a Panel sheet.
(4) Select a location to save a project to at Location.
(5) Click [Create].



A project file will be created in the specified directory, and the project will be displayed on the Project Window.