Schematic Capture : Schematic Verification (ERC/DRC)

Schematic Verification

In addition to the standard auto ERC check for duplicate schematic symbols and Net names, short check, and Electrical Characteristics verification, there is a DRC check for duplicate objects such as Components, Wires, Reference names, and distance.
Checked items can easily be specified by the user from the Environment Settings.
In addition, it is also possible to move directly to the location of errors from the Error Report after the check so that you can complete the desired Schematic Rule Check quickly.

■ Types of Schematic Verifications

ERC: Electrical check
DRC: Design layout check

Electrical Check Function (ERC)

ERC performs an electrical connection check for complete schematics.
It is possible to conduct a connection check in consideration of the Electrical Characteristics based on detecting duplicated references, detecting ports without connection destinations, detecting unconnected pins, and I/O attributes.
Verification can be done easily.


Design Rule Check Function (DRC)

DRC executes a design layout check so that schematics are easier to view.
By setting Clearance Values such as for detecting component collision, detecting overlapping of different Net wirings, and detecting the distance between components and attributes, it is possible to prevent mistakes.

Error Verification Results

[Error], [Warning], and [OFF] can be set for each individual check target,
and the verification results are displayed using visual marks so that corrections can be made easily.