Quadcept : Screen Layout

Quadcept Screen Layout

The following will explain the names and roles of Windows and Bars that are used in Quadcept.
In Quadcept, you can customize the menus (Ribbon Menu, Toolbar, Shortcut Keys) and window positions in order to adjust the layout according to your work conditions and preferences.

When changing from a CAD that you are used to using, it is important that designers are able to have the same operability.
By creating an optimal user environment for designers, design work can proceed efficiently.

Screen Description

Item Content

Document Area

This is the area of the main design screen.

Menu Bar

Pulldown menus open and functions can be selected.

Ribbon Menu

Ribbon tabs are created and functions can be select with a single click.


This is the customizable toolbar for organizing commands.

Status Bar

This shows the current work status, and the items can be changed.

Sub window

In the Sub Window, windows for various contents such as properties, projects, and components can be displayed or hidden according to the need.

For more details about changing the window layout (Docking/Floating), refer to Changing the Window Layout.