Quadcept : SamacSys


The SamacSys command allows you to import ECAD models you have downloaded from SamacSys.

The solder resist aperture for each pad in the footprints provided by SamacSys is generated at the size of the pad land plus 0.2mm. As this may result in mask slivers, please verify the models before using.

Importing ECAD Models
The instructions that follow explain how to import a SamacSys-format component file.
(1) Access the SamacSys website, and search for your required component by entering the desired search terms.
* A SamacSys account is required to use this service.
(2) Once you locate the part from the resulting list, click the Download button.
(3) Click the Download ECAD Model button to start the download.
* Once you have downloaded the ECAD model, unzip the downloaded file. A variety of ECAD model files are included in the unzipped folder but only a XML file in the Quadcept folder is used for import.
(4) Select [File]
>> [Import]
>> [ASCII Library]
>> [SamacSys] command.
(5) Click the "OK" button.
(6) Select the *.xml file in the Quadcept folder and then click the "OK" button.
(7) Select an object(s) you want to import in the left side of the window.
(8) Select a Quadcept database and a directory to import the object(s) to in the right side of the window.
(9) Click .
* Clicking  allows you to import all the objects listed in the left side of the window.

Please be sure to verify the models to ensure they suit your design and company specific requirements before using.