PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

Same Net Clearance

Among Clearance Checks, setting can be configured for each object for Clearance Violations for objects on the same Net.
Set this when you want to execute a Clearance Check even when it is the same Net.

For more details about opening the DRC/MRC Settings screen, refer to About DRC/MRC Settings.

Example of Same Net Clearance Settings

If a check is not necessary for the same Net, set it to a negative number (such as -1) in the Clearance Settings.

Same Net Clearance Settings
The following will explain how to configure actual settings.
(1) Set values.
Settings are the clearance values for objects in the Vertical axis and Horizontal axis.

Click the buttons on the Top or Left side
to configure the following settings.
All": All items can be set as a batch.
Top": Settings are configured for one column.
Left": Settings are configured for one row.


Layer Settings

For more details, refer to Layer Settings.