Quadcept : Before Starting

Sending and Receiving Files

Your design data including projects and libraries can be shared with other users via Quadcept project files(*.qproj) / Quadcept files(*.qcom).

Quadcept Project File(*.qproj) :
A project file that contains schematic/PCB/panel design sheets and library cache. This file is generated when creating a new project.

Quadcept File(*.qcom) :
An intermediate file for data sharing. It is used for sharing design files such as symbols and footprints that are stored in a Quadcept database(*.qdb). This file can be exported with the Quadcept File command in the Export menu.

1. Because the creator, time period, and design data are permanently linked, it is possible to prevent overlapping registration by checking for unnecessary components.
2. By linking with the Quadcept Account (User Management System), it is possible to clarify when, where, and by whom a component was made.
3. Management of new/old design data with the same ID is easy, and differences can be extracted.
4. Because of database management, speedy search is possible.

For more details about the operation method, refer to Exporting Quadcept Files, Importing Quadcept Files, and Sharing Quadcept Files.