Quadcept : Part Link

Part Link

Quadcept links with the component database owned by the world's largest online electronic component companies, Digi-Key, Chip1Stop and RS Components. If you are a Quadcept user, you can check component information such as price, stock and obsolete whenever you want during design and order parts directly through Quadcept.

Also, in Quadcept, even if you have not yet decided which manufacturer to use but tentatively want to start designing, you can do it using only symbols. And as component information for price, stock and so on is referable using the part search, you can look for components you need while designing a circuit.

In addition, each distributor's Part Number is registered in advance with all the shared components that Quadcept provides. Using the shared components, you can check the latest component information owned by each distributor at any time and order components directly with their website as well as start designing immediately.

■ Part Link Features ■
Registering Part Number
Searching Components (Chip1Stop)
Searching Components (Digi-Key)
Searching Components (RS Components)
Importing Part Attributes
Purchase Components


To Use Digi-Key Link Functions:

You need to authenticate your Digi-Key account and activate the Digi-Key API link to use the Digi-Key online service. The API link can be activated at the Activate Digi-Key API Link page in your team. For further information, visit Activate Digi-Key API Link.

If the Digi-Key API link is not activated, the following message will appear when performing the link functions. You can move to the Activate Digi-Key API Link page by selecting "Yes" in the dialog.