Quadcept : About Components

About Components

Quadcept components define and register information related to component shape, and information related to internal attributes.
For components, symbols (schematic component shapes) and footprints (PCB component shapes) can be prepared in advance, and link registration is possible.

When a symbol or footprint shape is modified by linked registration, all registered components will be changed at the same time. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform registration every time the shape is changed.

Components are include the following.

Component = Reference + Attribute Information + Pin Information + Schematic Shape (Symbol) + PCB Shape (Footprint)

By creating a component, it becomes easy to link circuits and PCBs and manage components.

Overview of Components



Quadcept Component Files

Symbols can be placed directly onto schematics, but symbols will be temporary objects when the components are not determined.
Because footprints cannot be registered, when design is done in collaboration with a PCB, convert symbols to components or place the components. It is possible to export Netlists even when symbols are placed directly.

Although footprints and IPC footprints can be placed directly onto PCBs, schematic information cannot be registered, so when design is done in collaboration with a schematic, replace footprints with components or place the components.
It is possible to perform Export Gerber and Export ODB++ even when footprints are placed directly.

For more details about creating components, refer to Creating Components.

About Symbol Group

Symbol Group is a function for registering multiple symbol shapes for components.
It is possible to register symbols without gates and symbols divided by gates, and to register multiple Symbol Groups such as relays and photo couplers.
It is possible to select which symbol is adopted according to the drawing each time.