PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions

Exporting DSN Files

With Quadcept, DSN format files can be exported from the PCB design screen. With this format, you are able to interface to a variety of simulators and autorouting tools.

■Examples of Simulators / Autorouters

・EMI/Resonance Analysis : DEMITAS NX etc.
・SI Analysis       : Signal Adviser, HyperLynx etc.
・Autorouter       : Electra Route, SimplifyDA etc.

* Company names, product names, and service names described are the Trademark or Registered Trademark of the respective companies.

Exporting DSNs
The following will explain how to export a DSN file from a PCB document.
(1) Select the [File] >> [Export] >> [DSN] command.
(2) Enter the file name, and then click the "Save" button.