PCB Layout CAD : Import/Export IDF

Exporting IDFs

With Quadcept, IDF V3.0 format files can be exported from the PCB design screen.
IDF(Intermediate DataFormat)data isa three dimensional intermediate format between electronic board CAD and mechanical 3D CAD,
and by exporting IDF files, it is possible to collaborate with 3D CAD.
After adjusting component positions using 3D CAD, it is possible to reflect it to the component position on the PCB design drawing by reading the IDF file.

The following will explain how to export IDF files.

Exporting IDFs

The following will explain how to export an IDF file from a PCB document.
The information for the Board Outline, Drill, and Components is exported in the IDF file.

(1) Select [File]
=> [Export]
=> [IDF]

=> The "Export IDF" screen will open.
(2) Click the "..." button
=> The "Open" screen will appear.
(3) Input a File Name, and then click "Save".
(4) Configure settings and then click "OK".
* For more details about settings, refer to IDF Export Settings.


IDF Export Settings
Item Content


Selects the save location for the IDF export file.


Selects the export unit from "mm, "mil", and "inch".

Decimal Places

Sets the decimal places.


The export file extension can be set.

Number Component Coordinate File Board Information File
1 emn


2 brd


3 brd


4 bdf


5 idb



Board Thickness

Sets the board thickness.

Component Height is exported using the "Component Height" set in each footprint.