PCB Layout CAD : Routing Work

Editing Routes

The following will explain about editing routes including the route path editing function for routes, which is a powerful function in Quadcept.

Editing Route Paths
Moving Routes
Deleting Routes
Editing Attributes

About copying routes, refer to Copying Routes.

Editing Route Paths

By specifying rerouting when routing, the route path is changed automatically without looping.
When changing the routing, you can change the route path without having to delete unnecessary routes, which reduces work time.

The following is an example of changing routing.

Before Route Change Changing the Routing After Route Change


Moving Routes

Drag Move
Moving From Move Mode (Right click => Select [Move/Rotate/Mirror] => [Move Selected Objects])
Move the selection handle

Move Pattern 1
Before Moving After Moving


Move Pattern 2
Before Moving After Moving


Move Pattern 3 (When the whole route is the move target, interpolation is not performed and the whole route moves.)
Before Moving After Moving


Deleting Routes

The following is the operation for deleting.

Select and press the Delete key.

Deleting a Route
The following will explain how to delete a route.
(1) Select the route that you want to delete.
(2) Press the Delete key.
  The selected route will be deleted.

"Select identical Nets"/"Spread Selecting" are convenient for selecting the route that you want to delete.
For more details, refer to Selecting Routes.


Editing Attributes

Select and double click
Select and right click => [Show Attribute]

Editing Attributes
It is possible to edit route attributes such as Line Width and Layer.
(1) Select and double click
Right Click
Select => [Show Attribute].
(2) Edit the attribute and then click "OK".
  It will be changed.

* Attributes can also be confirmed and edited from the Property Window.

From the Routing screen, it is also possible to execute Recommended Width (Impedance Control).