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Placing PCB Components

In Quadcept, after designing a schematic and executing Transfer to PCB, component placement work for the PCB can be done while confirming the schematic.

Placing PCB Components
The following will explain the component placement operation for PCBs while confirming a schematic.
(1) Open the schematic that is the target for placing components to the PCB.
(2) Select [Project]
=> [Place PCB Component].

=> It will move to Place PCB Component mode.

Click the component on the schematic for which you want to execute Place PCB Component.


It will automatically move to the PCB screen and change to Placement mode.
=> Click on an arbitrary location to complete placement.


After placement is complete, it will automatically return to the schematic, and a "Placed Mark" will be displayed.
=> You can visually confirm which components have already been placed.


If there are multiple PCB sheets in a project, it is possible to select the target PCB sheet.

Clearing Place Component Marks

Before Clearing After Clearing


Clearing Place Component Marks
When you place a component using [Place PCB Component], a "Placed Mark" is displayed on the schematic.
The following will explain how to clear "Placed Marks".
(1) Select [Project]
=> [Clear Placed Marks].
  Placed marks will be cleared.