PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

Text Angle

The Text Angle settings enable you to specify target layers and text angles/flipping to be checked by "MRC:Text Angle".

For more details about opening the DRC/MRC Settings screen, refer to About DRC/MRC Settings.

Item Description


Enables to enable/disable the verification of text angles/flipping by "MRC:Text Angle" by toggling the checkbox.

Checked    : Verification Enabled
Unchecked : Verification Disabled

Target Layer

Enables to specify target layers for text angles/flipping verification. The references/attribute texts/texts that have been placed in the layers specified here will be checked by "MRC:Text Angle".

: Adds a layer to the Target Layer.
: Deletes a selected layer from the Target Layer.

"Top" / "Bottom" is a group name. You can add not only Top/Bottom layers but also other layers for each group.

Allowed Text Angle

Enables to specify text angles that are allowed to be placed on a PCB sheet. You can configure the permission setting for each angle of 0, 90, 180 and 270. Placing a check mark on the checkbox of each angle will allow placement at that angle. Running "MRC:Text Angle" will cause a MRC error against a text placed at the angles that are not allowed.

You can also allow text flipping here. Placing a check mark in the checkbox of Mirror will allow the placement of flipped texts.