To use NET CHANGER, you need to create your free account.
The account also can be used for Quadcept account.

Here, we show you how to login/logout from NET CHANGER.

・How to Login
・How to Logout

How to Login
Here, we show you how to login to NET CHANGER.
(1) Enter your email address and password on the Signin page.
(2) Click 'Login'.
  Now you are logged in and the NET CHANGER page appears.

If it is left idle for thirty minutes, session data will be cleared and automatically logged out.
However, you will be kept logged in if you check 'Keep me logged in'.
*If the Cookies are deleted due to the browser settings or something, you will need to login.

How to Logout
Here, we show you how to logout from NET CHANGER.
(1) Click the top right login name, and then logout.