PCB Layout CAD : Draw

Drawing Text

This is used to express a text figure. It is used to draw silks and outlines, etc., using non-electrical objects.
Vector fonts created for board design and fonts that are installed in Windows can be used as fonts.

Selecting the Text Menu
Drawing Text
Rotating Text
Outline Character
Exiting Text Mode


Selecting the Text Menu

Select [Draw] => [Text]

There are several other ways to perform this. Refer to About Executing Menus.

Drawing Text

After selecting the Text Menu,

STEP 1: Input the text
STEP 2: Click "OK"
STEP 3: Click the location where you want to place it


Placing Text From the Place Text Dialog
Use the Place Text dialog to place the text.

Select [Draw]
=> [Text].

=> The "Place Text" dialog will open.

(2) Input the "Text Name".
(3) Click "OK".
(4) Click the location on the PCB where you want to place it.


Outline Character

To make the Text an Outline Character, place a check for "Outline Character".

Text Outline Character


Rotating Text

While drawing, it rotates 90 degrees.
There are the following methods for rotating.

Method 1: [Right Click] => Select [Rotate]
Method 2: [Keyboard] => Press [R]

Rotate Example

Before Rotate After Rotate

Rotation is 90 degrees to the left. There is also a Reverse Clockwise Menu.


Exiting Text Mode

The following is the operation for exiting Text mode.

Right click, Select => [Cancel]
* Press "Escape" on the keyboard