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Create NC Drill Chart (Custom)

The Create NC Drill Chart (Custom) command is used to generate a NC drill chart onto a PCB design sheet. The generated chart can be freely edited, allowing you to add dimension lines and customize the drill table. It can also be output to the PCB manufacturing documentation such as Gerber files. The chart can only be generated into the Other layer.

Example) Create NC Drill Chart (Custom)


Create NC Drill Chart (Custom)
The instructions that follow explain how to generate a NC drill chart onto your PCB design sheet.
(1) Select the [Project]
>> [NC Drill]
>> [Create NC Drill Chart (Custom)] command.
(2) Check the box for each hole type you want to generate the NC drill chart for.
* The NC drill chart will be placed on the layer shown in the Layer column. If the layer does not exists, it will be automatically created in the Other layer.
(3) Click the "OK" button.
(4) A NC drill chart is generated on the PCB design sheet.
  If the placement layer does not exist, it will be automatically generated in the Other layer.
* If any objects exist in the placement layer, you need to remove them before generating the NC drill chart.
* The chart consists of line/text objects, which allows you to freely customize it.
[Before Generation]            [After Generation]

For how to configure NC drill chart output options, visit the NC Drill Chart page.

Create NC Drill Chart (Custom) Dialog

Column Description


Shows the name of each hole type.
* You can create separate NC drill charts for plated and unplated holes by enabling the Separate File According to Plating Status option in the NC Drill Chart settings.

TH :Plated holes
NTH :Unplated holes
Top-2:Holes from the Top layer to the second layer


Shows the name of the layer where the NC drill chart is generated.

Check this box to generate the NC drill chart.