PCB Layout CAD : Exporting (CAMs, Drills, Component Coordinates, etc.)

Export NC Drill

NC drill files convey PCB drilling information. Quadcept supports two NC formats, RS-274X and Excellon. For Excellon format you can set the output type for slots/square holes that exist in your design at the Slot/Square Hole Output Type setting. For details on the settings for each NC format, see the NC Drill page.

Exporting NC Drill Files
The following explains how to export NC drill files.
(1) Select the [Project]
>> [NC Drill]
>> [Export NC Drill] command.


* A message in the right image will be shown if there are slots/square holes in your design. Note that PCB fabrication instructions could be needed separately to create slots/square holes.
(2) Select a folder to export a NC drill file to, and then click the "OK" button.
(3) A NC drill file is exported.

Click the "Yes" button if you want to open the exported file.
A NC drill file opens when clicking the "Yes" button.

For details on NC drill formats, see the NC Drill page.

For details on how to open NC drill files, see the Opening Gerber Data page.