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Registering Part Numbers

In order to purchase components from Quadcept and to output BOM files that can be imported at each company's website, it is necessary to register each company's part number in components. The part numbers can be easily registered by using the search features for each company's component and the import function of their component information. They can also be input manually if you already know the numbers.

Ex.) Part Number Registration

Attribute Description

Digi-Key Part Number

A Digi-Key part number can be registered.

Chip1Stop Part Number

A Chip1Stop part number can be registered.

RS Components Part Number

A RS Components part number can be registered.


Steps from Registering Part Numbers through Purchasing Components

The following explains the steps from registering each company's part number through purchasing components.

STEP1:Check each company's part number.

Check the part numbers owned by each company to register them with components. With the search function for each company's components in Quadcept, you can find their part numbers easily.

■Search Features for Components■
Searching for Chip1Stop Components
Searching for Digi-Key Components
Searching for RS Components Components

STEP2:Register each company's part number in components.

Register part numbers in Quadcept components. It is possible to register them when creating components or after placing them on a schematic/PCB. Part numbers can be imported from search results when searching for a component in Quadcept.

1.Registering part numbers when creating components
 Part numbers can be registered on the "Attribute" tab of a component creation sheet if you register them at the time of part creation. For more details, refer to here.
2.Registering part numbers after placing components
 Part numbers can be registered from the following two dialogs after placing components.
 -"Component" dialog (SCH/PCB)
 -"Component Attributes List" dialog (SCH/PCB)

STEP3:Purchase components.

Based on the part numbers registered in STEP 2, export BOM files for each company's website or directly order components.