Quadcept : Creating Symbols

STEP 5: Configure Alternate Settings

Alternates can be registered for symbols.
Alternate Registration is possible for symbols, and it is possible to link different shapes such as positive logic symbols to negative logic symbols.
* If there is no alternate shape, this is not necessary. Move to STEP 6.

Using share (Component Shared Library), it is possible to use "Symbols" prepared for Quadcept.

Configuring Alternate Settings
The following will explain how to configure Alternate Settings.
(1) Click => [Settings]
=> [Alternate Settings]

The "Alternate Settings" screen will open.
(2) Click the "Add" button.
(3) Select the symbol that you want for Alternate Registration, and then click the "OK" button.
(4) Click "OK"

For more detail about switching symbols registered as Alternates when placing components, refer to Switching Alternates (Shapes).